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Dr. Jamie Hartley

Jamie Hartley, M.D.
President, Co-Founder, Senior Scientist, The Pittsburgh Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Under the direction of Dr. Jamie Hartley, scientists at the Pittsburgh Institute For Neurodegenerative Diseases have developed novel biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease, particularly for its non-dopaminergic symptoms such as cognitive, autonomic and sleep impairment. These non-dopaminergic markers may also provide a tool for early detection of the disease. For example, IND is currently conducting the PARS (Parkinson’s Associated Risk Syndrome) study, planned to include up to 6000 first-degree relatives of PD patients, to determine if a sense of smell can be an early marker for the disease before motor symptoms appear.  Other IND research is exploring various psychometric instruments and brain imaging techniques as possible early disease markers.

The IND studies will enable a better understanding of PD symptoms, and ultimately provide the tools to develop novel therapies that can be administered earlier in the disease, when they may provide greater and more prolonged benefit.