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Name: Inez Wilt
Comments: I have a support Group once a month and would like to read about Mr. Stern
Tuesday, January 11 2011 – 07:04 AM

Name: hanuman kishore Bathina
Comments: congrats sir,we hoe that u should findout new treatment for parkinsonism…… we will help u …whenever, u asking us regarding research in india….thanking you sir.
Thursday, January 06 2011 – 06:10 PM

Name: Harry Carnahan
Comments: Thank you, Michael Stern, for your dedication to the finding of a solution to this disease.My mother first died with the disease and now I am dealing with the disease all over again, but this time in me.
Tuesday, January 04 2011 – 03:09 PM

Name: subrahmanyeswara Rao
Comments: I,P.S Rao Suffering from parkinsons disease since few years.ofcourse being treated by proffesional doctors avilable at yde rabad ,INdia.
Thursday, December 23 2010 – 04:16 PM

Name: manojkumar
Comments: thank for providing info on Parkinson’s disease. my father is effected by this and is under treatment. my mail id is: manu_mgh@rediffmail.com
Thursday, December 23 2010 – 03:41 AM

Name: elsa
Comments: am interested to know about the disease..considering I can feel tremors in my handsand my knees go shaky as well, now and then which I dont know why its happening. am still 51 but had been hospitalized last year for some rare case,,as per my doctors
Sunday, December 19 2010 – 10:46 PM

Name: willa
Comments: Thank you for giving of yourself, to so many people in need. You have brought to them hope. Further challenges will be meet, because of all your long and hard work. May God keep you in his arms.
Tuesday, December 14 2010 – 09:34 PM

Name: Robert
Comments: My mother paseed away in 2003 from Alzheimer’s. Now my cousin has Parkinson’s Disease she is 74 years old. Thank You for your great work.
Saturday, December 04 2010 – 06:57 AM

Name: amanda
Comments: thank you for helping
Thursday, December 02 2010 – 11:09 AM

Name: seena joseph
Comments: my mom has Parkinson’s. She can not walk now. She is 70 yrs old. I want to know more about this.
Thursday, December 02 2010 – 12:25 AM

Name: Franklin Means
Comments: My sister has Parkinson’s And other neurological disorders, which didn’t start til after she had a spinal with dye done. I don’t understand why this has happened
Wednesday, December 01 2010 – 08:12 PM

Name: Mary Lubbe
Comments: Is there help or cure for this disease
Tuesday, November 23 2010 – 12:43 PM

Name: william Hallatt
Comments: in 1925 my father aged 33 was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The family believed then that it was related to being gassed, dehumanised and stressed in trench warfare. He was forced to resign his job The Government did not accept that his experiences of WW1 were co-related and denied him a pension. He ended frail of body and died aged 49. I remember his sufferings and pray for the Stern Foundation to help eliminate this horrible dease.
Sunday, November 21 2010 – 08:32 AM

Name: Ronald
Comments: Iam a parkinson for the last 14 years age 73 I have muscle rigidity and stiffness of late i have camptocrmia and find diffuclty in walking i need support Do you have any suggestion or remedy for this
Sunday, November 21 2010 – 01:03 AM

Name: Josie Fields
Comments: :)thaannnkkk youuuu!
Monday, November 15 2010 – 06:31 AM

Name: Jelz Dahlberg
Comments: I have a friend who has been diagnosed with parkinsons and I have found this site to be very informative and supportive. Thank you
Wednesday, November 10 2010 – 07:36 PM

Name: camille sonesen
Comments: I have just been told I have Parkinson’s
Tuesday, November 02 2010 – 02:25 PM

Name: sandra moore
Comments: I’m 44 years of age and I have been told by a couple of people that I tend to move my head slighly at times, and am told I have the start of parkin’s disease. My heart goes out to all that has it.
God Bless All
Sunday, October 10 2010 – 06:01 PM

Name: S. Baird
Comments: just diagnosed….wish more info
Saturday, October 02 2010 – 08:56 AM

Name: Nadia El Sehrawy
Comments: I would like to know more information
about Parkinson’s disease, I really appreciate the organization and the website.I am writing a fundraising letter for one of my university courses.
Friday, October 01 2010 – 01:48 AM

Name: Mukesh Bhatt
Comments: Dear Sir,
Kindly suggest me medicine for parkinsion disease aveilable in India. Also suggest any other treatment. My e-mail add. is mukeshgbhatt@rediffmail.com
Thursday, September 09 2010 – 06:19 AM

Name: carlota a.
Comments: hi! Mr. Stern, I am Carlota, and I am a filipina.i just have viewed this today, because i want to learn more about this disease. because my husband has this disease and i want to help him more.he has already taken medication but it seems that his medicine now doesn’t work that better now.
Friday, September 03 2010 – 02:27 AM

Name: sidorela
My father suffers from Parkinson disease since 1993.He takes three pills modopar doses which contains 250mg levodopa and 50mg benserazide. how can you help my father??have you found a new formula or a new treatment for this disease?you can contact me at this address:spojani@hotmail.com
Monday, August 23 2010 – 07:54 AM

Name: bruce fung
Comments: Friend father suffer from parkinson and is under going treatment.
Tuesday, August 17 2010 – 09:57 PM

Name: L K Gulati
Comments: suffering from Parkinson, lost lot of weight.
great information
Tuesday, August 10 2010 – 10:00 AM