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Research Foundation: Brochure 5

“We are in a stage in basic scientific research into Parkinson’s disease where we expect to make meaningful advances in treating this scourge in a matter of months, rather than years.”
— Michael Stern, Chairman

(For more information about the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research, please see the companion brochure, “A Window on Alzheimer’s Research.”)

The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technology available to scientists engaged in the fight against these neurodegenerative disorders. These cutting edge instruments include all the essential tools of molecular biology, such as “gene chips” that permit scientists to monitor hundreds of genes as they are turned on and off during nerve-cell function, and sophisticated equipment that enables researchers to peer inside nerve cells and eavesdrop on their inner workings. Another research tool created specifically for the lab is the “transgenic” mouse model, a mouse in which certain genes thought to be involved in PD are removed, inserted or are abnormally over-expressed. These animal models are critical to pre-clinical research aimed at developing and testing potential drug candidates.

In addition, an integrated computer complex at the Stern Center facilitates data analysis and expedites worldwide exchange of information, while an adjoining conference center brings together top scientists from around the world. Informal collaborations among researchers augment annual symposia at The Rockefeller University on related subjects.

With its unmatched combination of advanced technology and brilliant scientific minds, the Stern Foundation is uniquely equipped to lead the search for a cure for Parkinson’s and, indeed, has already made outstanding progress toward this critical goal.